Recycling for Cycling

Posted by chdot on August 3, 2006

A poster on the community-bike yahoogroup is looking for info on a range of environmental themes

“I’m looking for information about bicycle products and manufacturers with regard to labor and environment. I’m wondering about solvents, lubricants, tires, tubes, etc. Used/recycled products? Biodegradable/relatively nontoxic solvents and lubes? Any particularly gruesome or benevolent companies or products? Also, any handy practices or tricks that help with conservation, for instance with patching oodles of tubes? I’ve noticed pedro’s uses some recycled metals, and their Bio-degreaser and orange peelz advertise biological sensitivity. I’m also aware of creative uses of tubes/chains as far as fashion accessories and frames and whatnot go. I appreciate any information or leads. Thanks in advance.


Replies so far –

“coconut oil works great as a lubricant”

“Bike Recycle VT. is using Bio Diesel as a de greaser. It seems to work very well. Caution, dogs might attack the bike chain because it smells like French Fries.”

“I have made a chair using inner tubes, also I recommend a new product in Australia the degreaser is made from lanolin ie sheep wool oil,.

Check out

Also you can have old bike frames made into wheelchairs and then get them shipped to East Timor and places like that where they need wheelchairs.

Ground up tyres could be used for making playground material.”

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