“What should I spend my money on to have some fun?”

Posted by chdot on August 3, 2006

A Guardian reader says “I have always lived frugally, and after years of choosing to do without I’ve decided I would like to have some fun with my money before I die. The problem is I’ve got out of the buying habit and don’t know what to spend it on. I’ve bought a dishwasher, which I love. Is there anything else readers couldn’t live without?”

Another replies “I couldn’t do without a good bicycle. We ride ours everywhere and both feel great as a result, although our thighs are considerably larger than they were a few months ago. Regular cyclists, apparently, enjoy the health of someone 10 years younger, so it’s a great way to stay young.”

Can someone who loves dishwashers love cycling?

How can you not love cycling….

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