Evening News Cavalcade 2006

Posted by chdot on August 6, 2006

For the second year running TryCycling in Edinburgh organised a wide range of cyclists to take part in the Evening News Cavalcade.

Nearly 100 people took part with all sort of bikes including unicycles, recumbent and cycle speedway bikes.

MORE photos | Video (QuickTime 4 minutes)

4 Responses to “Evening News Cavalcade 2006”

  1. Video looks really good. My Dutch visitors enjoyed cruising Princes Street on their ‘ligfiets’. The smoke from the Harleys gave it that genuine ‘urban’ feel!

  2. David McCluskey said

    As one of the unicyclists, we had a great time and look forward to it next year.

    Please let me know at if you have pictures of us in the parade – we didn’t have time to take any!!


    David McCluskey

  3. Ken said

    I’ll have to get more bmx’rs motivated for next year….still had lots of fun…see you next year.

  4. tino said

    Nice video, Chris! Rocks.

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