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Bike Station to the Rescue

Posted by chdot on August 12, 2006

Bike Station’s Steve fixes a new rack. Note the new front forks.

Following the unfortunate incident yesterday with a stolen car (see below) it’s seems the Tall Bike Tour hasn’t ended.

Will and Ed are still in a bit of a state of shock. At first they feared that the bikes must have slipped from their parking place on a lampost and caused the accident that damaged them!

One rear wheel was completely wrecked, this has been rebuilt by Alpine Bikes. The Bike Station supplied a new rack and a nice purple pair of front forks – and the workshop to check the bikes over.

As the brothers said, it’s a pity they had to have the accident, but at least it was only 150 yards away from the Bike Station!

They should be at Fringe Sunday tomorrow about half 12, setting off for Musselburgh and the East Coast sometime after one. They will be happy if people join them for the journey.

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Tall Bikes Hit by Stolen Car

Posted by chdot on August 12, 2006

A stolen private hire car being driven by a teenager injured two people during a police chase in central Edinburgh yesterday.

As well as hitting a number of cars, the stolen vehicle damaged the Tall Bikes of Will and Ed Stevens who had stopped in Edinburgh for a few days during their 6000 mile tour of Britain.

At first it seemed that the damage may be significant enough to end their tour.

Full story in Evening News

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