ANOTHER Bike Film Fest

Posted by chdot on August 15, 2006

Hot on the wheels of Edinburgh’s Bicycle Film Festival (which in turn took inspiration from the original BFF) is the International Cycling Video Festival in Bochum, Germany. (September 1st to 3rd, 2006).

It’s keen on encouraging small scale and local films – and also linking with others doing similar things throughout the World. Organiser Gernot Mühge has contacted the Edinburgh festival proposing “cooperation between these two events.”

“A first step might be the exchange of single films – maybe the winners of the local competition or a local production from Edinburgh? The film can be shown as a special contribution from your Edinburgh festival, thus it will foster the ‘Internationality’ of cycling films. I hope later on such cooperations will trigger some international exchange of people or tourism of movie makers or cyclists?”

Suggestions have already been e-mailed to Germany!

One Response to “ANOTHER Bike Film Fest”

  1. […] Chas Nairn, the man behind Brainchild Films, got the recognition for his film Accomplish at the recent Bochum Film Festival. […]

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