Do You Want to Influence Transport Policy?

Posted by chdot on August 15, 2006

City of Edinburgh Council’s draft Local Transport Strategy is currently out for consultation. The closing date for this is the 31st August 2006.

All the details relating to the draft can be found at including the current Strategy (2004-7) (cycling bit) and an on-line questionnaire that’s worth filling in.

Lothian Cycle Campaign Spokes has written its draft response (PDF 192kb) – which might give you some ideas for your comments. It’s worth a read even if you don’t intend to respond to the Council. Author Dave du Feu is revising it in response to comments from Spokes members (and others). If you have any suggestions/comments, please e-mail Dave (preferably by the 20th).

It contains wisdom such as “It is absolutely essential, if targets on cycle use and objectives on accessibility, public health and the environment are to be met, that a more integrated view of cycling is taken than to date.”

Spokes has been campaigning for almost 30 years. Without it there can be no doubt that there would be poorer cycle facilities in Edinburgh – and fewer cyclists.

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