Paul Carter 1970-2006

Posted by chdot on August 18, 2006

The death of Paul Carter in a car crash on Saturday is a loss to Edinburgh. He was an artist and tutor at Edinburgh College of Art.

Originally from Glasgow, his recent home was in Portobello. He cycled to the College most days either on his beat up red Raleigh with enormous ‘cow horns’ he’d taken from a lawnmower or the solid Raleigh Superbe he found in a skip.

He was an enthusiastic, supportive, entertaining and inspirational teacher. He has left a wife, 3 sons and many friends.

One friend from childhood, (and former Glasgow cycle campaigner), Stewart Russell has a tribute on his own blog where this photo of Paul at 13 came from.


Friday 25th August at 10.30 am

You are warmly invited to attend a service to celebrate Paul’s life at St Philip’s Church, Joppa, (Church of Scotland), Brunstane Road North, Edinburgh, EH15 2DL (MAP) and to continue on to the church hall for a toast to Paul and refreshments until 1 pm.

6 Responses to “Paul Carter 1970-2006”

  1. scruss said

    A Raleigh Superbe? That sounds a little sedate for Paul, or at least the teenage Paul that I remember …

  2. Hilary Thomas said

    New him when I was a wee girl and was best pals with Angela (his sister). Nice, great, honest guy with a great sense of humour. Ha he also let us have a sneaky puff in his bedroom.

  3. Cristyn King said

    I worked with Paul at the Wally Dug pub about 11 years ago. He was one of the first people I met when I moved to Edinburgh. He was great company and everyone appreciated his laid back approach and sense of humour. I was lucky enough to bump into him last year. He hadn’t changed a bit.

  4. I just found out via wikipedia about Paul’s death and am absolutely devasted. He taught me at ECA from 1998-2002 was just a lovely, warm and professional person. I also remember fondly going to the opening of his show at the Collective and talking to him about his work – he was a real inspiration.

  5. John Wright said

    Ive been trying to contact “Carter” for a few years now. I new he was in Edinburgh but always thought I would bump into someone who new his address or phone number, but never did. I came home from work today and typed his name into Google and found this and I cant take it in.
    Me and “Carter” had some great times in the 80’s and early 90’s and I always thought about him.
    Im sure anyone that new him will miss him big time.

  6. Alan Walsh said

    I knew Paul for many years before he moved to Edinburgh and was in a Band with him in our young teens. Paul was a keen drummer in those days as well as a very talented & inspiring young artist. Paul is missed by all who knew him. A blues tribute (Carter Arter Blues remix 2009) to Paul can be heard at this link & is free to download:

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