Matthew Moves

Posted by chdot on August 30, 2006

Anyone who has had dealings with City of Edinburgh Council to do with cycling is likely to have come across Matthew Simpson.

After sixteen years in the Cycle Team (starting with Lothian Regional Council) Matthew is moving to another part of the Council. But it won’t be a ‘loss to cycling’. In his new job, in the Development Control section of Transport, he will be able to bring his valuable experience to important parts of the Planning process.

At times Matthew has been almost the only council official whose job has been to consider the needs of cyclists. Increasingly the Council has been adopting policies that make cycling (and walking) more important. Officials like Matthew are responsible for implementing them.

There will be an advert for a new Cycling Officer in the press soon, with the expectation that a new person will be in post in October.

UPDATE April 2007.
There is still nobody ‘in post’. Hard to find a replacement, not least because this important job is not particularly senior or well paid.

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