New Parking Policy Success

Posted by chdot on September 8, 2006

The Evening News’ comment boards are still overflowing with prejudice, argument, humour and anecdotes about the current parking drama.

At two minutes to nine this morning “Robert” posted the following

I live in Buckstone and have started cycling to work at Canonmills, via Marchmont etc. This morning I could hardly get onto Comiston Road for the constant stream of single-occupancy vehicles coming into town – however where is the alternative? The bus service is poor, there are no car parks until you get to Castle Terrace…However I can confirm that the new parking restrictions have cut my time by about 5 mins now that the sides of the streets are almost car free!

Congratulations to Robert for being willing to cycle (after a day’s work) from Canonmills to Buckstone – pretty much uphill all the way.

The fact that he can save 5 minutes shows that the Parking Policy is necessary and working!

Yesterday’s Evening News Headline was “Will They Ever Learn?”. This was aimed at the Council. Today it’s “Towing chaos as parking zone turns to farce”. Today’s story is about motorists who park next to No Parking cones and get towed…..

You can now VOTE on whether the Council “should reverse its extension of controlled parking zones”.

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