Fly to Fife

Posted by chdot on September 13, 2006

Perth based bus and train operator Stagecoach is adding a hovercraft to its fleet. Initially as a market testing trial, there are plans to ‘fly’ from Portobello to Kirkaldy in the spring.

Could this be the answer to commuter overcrowding on the Fife Circle trains? Certainly it will be a useful addition to the ‘transport mix’. Some years ago there was a Burntisland to Granton ferry. Great on a nice day, but less so in rough weather. Stagecoach’s craft will be bigger and is expected to operate over waves “up to two metres”. Evening News story

The Hovercraft WILL carry bikes – though how many, and how much, have yet to be decided.

Fife has long had a pretty good leisure cycle network and this service would mean that touring cyclists could avoid the less than wonderful cycle route to the Forth Bridge. No doubt there will be demand from people coming back from the St. Andrews Ride and others doing bits of the North Sea Cycle Route.

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