Publicity Stunt or Significant Development?

Posted by chdot on September 22, 2006

Last night famous/notorious businessman/self publicist announced that profits from his transport businesses (air and rail) will be used to research alternatives to oil.

This is a recognition that unlimited supply of fossil fuel for unlimited air travel is likely to come to an end some time in the not too distant future. Whether enough land can be planted for bio-fuel crops remains to be seen. Whether this land would be better to remain uncultivated or be used for food crops will be another issue. BBC story.

However the fact that someone who has spent years cultivating a cuddly imagine and has fronted a variety of successful ‘brand’ businesses (and some failures) is prepared to go on high-profile record warning about Global Warming should be a step forward.

Today is In Town Without My Car Day – where individuals are asked to consider their travel choices. A world with less air travel (or travel with less fossil fuel) would be good. One where more people cycle more (as is happening in Edinburgh) is also to be welcomed.

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