Small but Perfectly Formed Mass

Posted by chdot on September 29, 2006

Almost a hundred cyclists assembled at the foot of The Mound to take part in a world- wide, last Friday of the month, celebration of cycling.

The participants were harangued before the off by a militant pedestrian proclaiming that he was one of the true ‘critical mass’ and complaining about cyclists who cycled on pavements.

The collection of bikes and riders set off and avoided bus infested Princes Street and processed via Hanover Street, George Street, a tour of Charlotte Square and joined the traffic jam that is South Charlotte Street.

A group of happy, good natured, people taking up about as much road space as a couple of buses and still a few motorists somehow felt that their right to inch forward was being infringed!

Unlike some previous Edinburgh Critical Masses, today’s event kept together – increasing its visibility and safety. Extra security was provided by professional cyclists (some of the city’s band of cycle couriers) who covered junctions making sure that impatient drivers didn’t push into the group – as has happened in the past.

This time, unfortunately, a motorcyclist decided that he wasn’t prepared to put up with a short delay caused by fellow two-wheelers proclaiming the right to ride the road safely. He forced his way through and damaged one of the bikes ‘in his way’.

Chants of “we are the traffic’ were met by heavy showers! But a good enough time was had to make sure that this will now become a regular monthly event. Put it in your diary.

One Response to “Small but Perfectly Formed Mass”

  1. […] Critical Mass, the ’spontaneous’ world-wide last Friday of the month ride, has also played its part in Vancouver’s increase in cycling. “Vancouver has become renowned for its big Critical Mass bike rides, and particularly the party spirit that attracts all types of cyclists.” (Edinburgh has its own – again) […]

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