SPOKES Posts Serious Stuff

Posted by chdot on October 10, 2006

Local cycle campaign group SPOKES has been pressurising local and national Governments for almost thirty years. One reason for its success is that members and supporters send streams of carefully composed letters and e-mails, to Councillors, MPs and MSPs.

To help with content of these communications the SPOKES web site contains masses of useful information (if you know where to look).

Latest additions include –

The Effect of Coloured Surfacing on Drivers’ Compliance with Cycle and Bus Lanes by John McKeown (Napier University, 2006). 390k Word doc

“This study focuses on the effect of coloured surfacing on car driver compliance with cycle and bus lanes in Edinburgh city.”

Followup funding article by Dave du Feu in Holyrood Magazine‘s Transport Quarterly, on Scottish Executive funding for cycle projects, this follows Tavish Scott’s announcement of a big Sustrans funding increase. 1MB Word doc

Comments on the latest stage in developing the Regional Transport Strategy, the Options Report (SESTRAN). PDF

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