SSWC Comes to Scotland

Posted by chdot on October 12, 2006

Jacquie Phelan at SSWC06
Pioneering Mountain Biker Jacquie Phelan at SSW06 in Sweden (Photographer ??)


The Single Speed World Championships will be held in Scotland next year. You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s not exactly a mainstream event – “The Single Speed World Championship race is an annual event. It is open to only bicycles with a single gear ratio.” (Wikipedia)

Why Scotland? According to britishtrails “At the recent 2006 World Singlespeed Championships in Stockholm, Sweden the decision for the host location of the 2007 SSWC was made over a drinking game. The right to host the event was apparently won in the bar by the Scottish contingent.” Merit then(?)!

It may be at one of the established Mountain Biking centres south of Edinburgh such as Glentress or the 7Stanes – but it might not… Expected to be in August.

Riding a single-speed bike is becoming more common, though most people in places with hills – like Edinburgh – will prefer gears! Bikes with one gear have less to go wrong and can be cheaper and lighter. Some people go further and ride ‘fixed‘ – no freewheel and no need for a rear brake. But THAT is a different level of skill!

Provisional web site – | More than you need to know about Single-Speeding.

Jacquie had hoped to be in Scotland for this year’s Bicycle Film Festival in Edinburgh. She’s pretty sure to make SSWC07.

(THIS story was mentioned in detail by Tom Morton on his Radio Scotland programme (12.10.06). He said that he hoped that people riding in mini-kilts would be the future of cycle racing. He could be right – next year at least!)

8 Responses to “SSWC Comes to Scotland”

  1. O how very cool to have a proper place at the table, I’m so charmed…I have many scottish sweaters (mostly from Hawick), and plan to add a cashmere one to my collection when I come over. Preferably a ratty one with some wear, out of a thrift shoppe. Ox fame? is that what they’re called over there?
    And tea, so much tea to bring back home. And cheese.
    But no scars, no hospital bills.

  2. Ahem. Nobody’s adding comments. This is embarrassing. How can I be famous if nobody comments?
    Sigh. Will pack along some autographed boastcards
    of me wearing mud.

  3. John Tomac said

    I don’t think stuffing the ballot box will help, JP.

  4. Nor will impersonating others

  5. Hey Jacquie….what are you doing on Christmas Eve? Me and Mark and Nicoya are decorating the Chrismannuckolstice shrub…are you getting drunk and sending yourself fan mail?
    Hope to hear from you.

  6. chdot said

    ho ho ho must be the Christmas spirit in California getting to a certain Wom Bat…..

  7. Miss A Kosmo said

    Go Jacquie, Go! Won’t the Queen need an assistant? I would volunteer…

  8. I can’t believe that nobody is writing in comments. Is it the fact that that tiny little list on the right hand margin is invisible to all users?
    Sob. OK, I will be continuing to stuff this ballot box myself.

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