TryCycling Unites Shops

Posted by chdot on October 20, 2006 has helped TryCycling in Edinburgh with its campaign to get more people to use lights. TCIE asked bike shops in Edinburgh if they would offer a discount. Almost all agreed! (Full list) So – 10% off lights between the 21st and the 30th of October 2006.

If you haven’t been to a bike shop for a while you’ll be amazed at the choice. From lights that’ll get you seen on the streets (and fit in your pocket) to ones that’ll light your way on a high speed ride on a rocky trail.

If you buy battery lights get re-chargeable batteries – cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Evening News Transport Reporter, Alan Roden, has given the initiative good coverage today.

(THIS story was mentioned in by Tom Morton on his Radio Scotland programme (20.10.06).

Can batteries be ‘Green’?

3 Responses to “TryCycling Unites Shops”

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  2. John Ireland said

    Why not promote dynamo lighting? It is even better for the environment than re-chargeable batteries.

  3. Gaz said

    Safety before environment. Getting people to buy some cheap LED lights is slightly possible with campaigns like this (similar to a 10% off lights in London organised by Ken Livingstone). Dynamos however aren’t realistic as they are not cheap (compared to £10-30 LED) and are regarded as having gone the way of the dodo especially as the stereotype is that they make you knackered before you hit a hill, they also get stolen/ vandalised/ harvested for parts on parked bikes as they are not quick release. The latest hub dynamos are good but not for the average commuter/schoolkid without lights this is aimed at.

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