Bike Station, Drugs, Prison – SHOCK HORROR

Posted by chdot on October 24, 2006

Today’s Daily Record (a paper of news – ?) carries a story alleging that drugs and mobile ‘phones have been smuggled into Shotts Prison inside donated bikes!

The Record has the decency to say that this is “without the charity’s knowledge”. Certainly if there was ANY suggestion that the rumours might be based on ANYTHING, the Police would have contacted the Bike Station – they haven’t.

Bike Station Manager Mark Sydenham says “The story highlights the very successful project we have been running with Shotts Prison. This has resulted in bikes being fixed and sent to good homes. More importantly it has meant an opportunity for prisoners – many of whom are young men with families – to learn a useful skill that will be of use when they leave prison.”

“Shotts has contacted us to make it clear that they don’t believe the story, and, more importantly, made it clear that they want the project to continue.”

The Daily Record story was illustrated with a photo of the Bike Station in Waverley Station. The Bike Station moved to Causewayside 2 months ago…..

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