New Bicycle Groups in Edinburgh

Posted by chdot on November 2, 2006
Strictly speaking that’s for Edinburgh as the groups are somewhere in cyberspace.

Flickr is a free service for storing and sharing photos on the web. It’s easy to sign up and fairly easy to upload and organise digital images. The Flickr group My Bicycle in Edinburgh lets people add photos of their bike and a description.

It will be interesting to see if many people use the group. One purpose is to record bike details so that they will be easily available if (as happens sometimes) the bike gets stolen. Details (plus photos) can be sent to the Police, added to the Stolen Bicycles in Edinburgh Flickr group and sent to other cycling web sites.

Most Flickr users use a pseudonym so it’s as anonymous as you want – perhaps wise not to photograph your bike outside your own front door.

Surveys show that many people who have a bike stolen don’t get another one – either because they can’t afford to or because they don’t want the chance of experiencing the disappointment again.

This won’t stop your bike getting stolen, (a good lock might), but it should mean a few more people will have seen photos of stolen bikes and might just spot one and get it returned to its owner.

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