Police and Thieves Active

Posted by chdot on November 5, 2006

PC burt.jpg
PC Bruce Burt Photo L&BP

On Friday (3.11.06) four young people were disturbed in a stair in Marchmont Road. They left behind their tools which will be examined forensically. Slightly later they are believed to have been responsible for the theft of three bikes in Melville Terrace.

The Police have issued a description. “The males are all aged about 15-16 years. One is described as wearing a grey track suit and bottoms with fair/blonde hair. A second male is described as wearing a black zipped top with brown hair. The third male is only described as wearing a red baseball cap and the fourth male only described as wearing a white baseball cap.” Presumably the last two were also shivering…

Following this and other incidents in Marchmont, PC Bruce Burt advises “if you live in the area and have a bike could you please try and store your bike in your flat. I know its not always going to be easy or convienient, however criminals are attracted to the area due to the high number of expensive pedal cycles being stored in common stairs or outside flats”.

If you have any information please contact PC Bruce Burt at Howdenhall Police station telephone number 0131 658 5235 (direct dial) or email

Further advice for bike owners in Marchmont | DON’T FORGET – register your bike BEFORE it gets stolen.

With the rapid increase in the number of people cycling in central Edinburgh, the whole issue of cycle parking is becoming more of a priority. has already highlighted a scheme in London which encourages people to lock their bikes more securely. This is likely to come to Edinburgh next year.

City of Edinburgh Council is currently involved in a small project to investigate methods of cycle storage in tenement stairs. However, as local campaign group Spokes has pointed out, “Edinburgh has a reasonable record on cycle routes and lanes – at least compared to other councils – but has been very remiss on parking” (more).

A lot of work has been done on CAR parking (with all the controversy that has created!), but relatively little on cycle parking. The Council is content to place large rubbish bins on the street, but very reluctant to consider bike racks or lockers for fear of complaints from car owners. So Edinburgh doesn’t have enough – and some of it inconveniences pedestrians.

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