Remembering the Past, Thinking About the Future

Posted by chdot on November 12, 2006


Just before 11, Lothian Buses glided to a halt, put on their ‘hazard’ lights and rested for 2 minutes.

A remembrance of the dead in wars past and a realisation that, in spite of ‘wars to end all wars’, wars continue. Whether they are for the personal aggrandisement of ‘leaders’, ideology or resources, there seems no end in sight. The ‘War on Terror’ continues at a time when a ‘war’ on the causes of Global Warming might be more desirable.

Whatever the ‘truth’ of global warming, there can be little doubt that burning fossil fuels is causing climate change – at an apparently increasing rate. It, by definition, is also bringing the end of such energy sources closer, and a scarcity of oil is likely to increase geo-political tensions even more.

There are some people who will drive even if the price of petrol doubles or trebles (which seems likely sometime), but there are also many who would like to cycle but think it’s too difficult or dangerous.

The latest edition of .citycycling contains the depressing statistic that cycling journeys in the UK are only 2.3%. Sweden (bit colder than Scotland) is 10%. Denmark has 18% – though journeys to work in Copenhagen are about double that. Cycle journeys in Edinburgh are estimated to be around 4% – so better than the UK average and with the potential for a big increase.

Currently there are debates about ‘what can anyone do?’ – especially when China is building lots of coal fired power stations that will create more Carbon Dioxide than could be saved in ‘the west’ without ‘drastic’ lifestyle changes. For some people cycling instead of driving would be a ‘drastic’ change – but they might like it!

It won’t be quite enough to save the world or prevent the next war, but you CAN ‘make a difference’ – cycle more, fly less. Encourage your friends, relatives and colleagues. This is Edinburgh – cycling is becoming mainstream. Edinburgh, City of Cycling.

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