Government Mentions Cycling 505 Times

Posted by chdot on November 13, 2006

A brand new Scottish Executive report Joined Up Policy and Practice in Health and Transport (PDF) mentions bicycles and cycling 475 times in 277 pages.

"(Executive Summary par. 1.30) It is clear that significant progress needs to be made to convince policy makers across, both health and transport sectors that there is merit in working together to achieve, common outputs, even where sectoral objectives may contrast (for example, modal shift for transport, healthy living for health). Moreover, there is effort needed in the, transport sector to convince decision makers that there is firstly merit, and secondly a duty to consider the health impacts of transport policies and projects, as well as, actively seeking to maximise health improvement opportunities.


A related (and more accessible) publication PROMOTING ACTIVE LIFESTYLES, GOOD IDEAS FOR TRANSPORT AND HEALTH PRACTITIONERS (PDF) manages 30 mentions in 25 pages.

Selected quotes

“Joined-up thinking and practice in transport and health is not mainstreamed in Scotland.” THAT’s an understatement!

“encouraging cycling or walking to work, school and other day-to-day activities is a good opportunity to promote health at both a policy and practical level.

“Employ dynamic dedicated individuals willing to forge links across sectors, and take a proactive approach to the development of new projects.”

This report shows what has been done in 8 areas in Scotland – 2 in West Lothian, none in Edinburgh. It demonstrates what works by using careful targeting, cost effective promotional methods and involving enthusiastic ‘champions’ – preferable at a high level in key organisations.

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