Flying Scotsman Wins

Posted by chdot on November 15, 2006

graeme obree
Any disappointment at not winning a Scottish BAFTA on Sunday will be obliterated by a deal with MGM.

The moving biopic/fiction about the life of Graeme Obree has finally secured a distribution deal with movie major MGM. (As reported in Bike Biz)

Director Douglas MacKinnon told a Filmhouse audience last week that a deal was in the offing, but he clearly had his fingers crossed. He also predicted (correctly) that Red Road would do better than his own film.

It will now be released in America at the end of December though screenings are likely to be in ‘arthouses’ rather than malls. A deal for TV for the rest of the world has also been done.

The film industry still doesn’t know what to do with films ‘about’ cycling. In 1979 acclaimed British director Peter Yates (best known for Bullitt) made Breaking Away.

This tale of growing up in small town America is no blockbuster, but deserved wider distribution. The film company lost its nerve and ran special screenings for ‘cyclists’ hoping for a word of mouth effect.

Catch it when it comes around on late night TV or on DVD.

At least the global explosion of Bicycle Film Festivals (Original and Edinburgh) will mean a bigger audience for ‘cycling’ films.

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