Mystery, Films, Glasgow

Posted by chdot on November 20, 2006

Looks like a fun evening for cycling in Glasgow on Friday. The monthly Critical Mass coincides (but it’s no coincidence) with a selection of films at the CCC presented as “Camcorder Guerilla Cinema Meets Critical Mass“.

There will be local Critical Mass shorts plus the ‘early’ (1999) CM “bikeumentary” We Are Traffic! PLUS Underwater Bicycle Repair – “One man and his bicycle. Underwater With a very big fish”…

But before the indoor event there is a “Weird Bike Procession” leaving GFT at 5.15, a “Magical Mystery Tour” from CCC at 5.30, with the Critical Mass starting from George Square at 6.00.

Maggie Wynn from TryCycling in Edinburgh is planning to take the train through. Contact her for more details.

2 Responses to “Mystery, Films, Glasgow”

  1. […] Glasgow’s Critical Masses involve fun, clowns, circuses and (last November) even a Magical Mystery Tour! There’s even a new compilation DVD of some of last year’s […]

  2. […] people weren’t sure that CM in Edinburgh could ‘work’ in the way it does in Glasgow where more effort is made to dress up and create a carnival atmosphere. Others weren’t sure […]

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