Shops Offer Extended Service

Posted by chdot on November 27, 2006

Bike shops usually offer a free after sales service 4 to 6 weeks after purchase.

Award winning cycle promotion campaign TryCycling in Edinburgh is looking forward to Christmas. After successfully persuading local bike shops to offer a discount on lights before the clocks went back, TryCycling has turned to new bike sales.

Most cycle shops in Edinburgh have agreed to extend their normal after-sales service period to the end of March for December bought bikes. Bikes given as Christmas presents often don’t get used much in the winter months. Having a check-over after use means that minor adjustments can be made which makes the bike safer to ride and likely to last longer.

Safety is a good reason for buying a bike from a bike shop. Bikes are fully assembled and checked before they are sold. Maggie Wynn says “TryCycling often goes to schools and sees bikes that aren’t set up properly – forks back to front, left brake lever operating front brake etc. The reason is usually “my Dad did that, he lost the instructions”.

David Reid of Great Bikes No Bull in Leith Walk confirms that he has customers bringing in bikes for him to assemble. “Many people buy what they think is a bargain bike from a supermarket or a mail order company, but what they don’t realise is the bike needs to be built once you get it home”. More disturbing is that fact that David finds that even he can’t make some of the worst bikes safe to ride. On the receipt for the work he writes, “bikes assembled to as good a quality as components will allow”.

Maggie Wynn says “we appreciate that some people can’t afford to spend much money, but cheap new bikes are often a false economy. Even if they can be assembled safely, they are often heavy and not as much fun to use – which doesn’t help to encourage children to cycle. Often a second hand bike is better value, especially as children can grow out of them quickly.”

“If you are buying a new bike we would definitely recommend buying from a shop that assembles the bike before sale and offers a free after sales check. We are really pleased that shops in Edinburgh have extended the time they will do that until almost the Easter holidays. Obviously if you buy a bike that is used a lot, it is important to take it back after a few weeks for its first service”.


Biketrax, 11 Lochrin Place
Great Bikes No Bull 276 Leith Walk
Macdonald Cycles, 26-28 Morrison Street
Freewheelin’ 91 Slateford Road
Bicycle Repair Man, 111 Newington Road
Blackhall Cycle Repairs 15 Marischal Place
The Bike Chain, 30 Rodney Street
BG Cycles & Blades 48 Portobello High Street
Sandy Gilchrist 1 Cadzow Place
The Bike Station 250 Causewayside (Secondhand only)
Velo Ecosse 25-27 Bruntsfield Place

One Response to “Shops Offer Extended Service”

  1. David said

    Good scheme – did The Bicycle Works not want to take part?

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