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Posted by chdot on November 30, 2006
The UK’s premier ‘sustainable transport’ campaigners have issued a detailed Press Briefing ahead of tomorrow’s launch of the Eddington Review and Gordon Brown’s Pre-Budget announcements next week.

It’s a useful exercise in educated guesswork based on hopes, fears and (perhaps) inside info. Transport 2000 concludes “We will be looking to the Eddington review to set out a long term strategy for tackling climate change from transport, as well as congestion, and for the Chancellor to respond by offering real incentives for reducing pollution from cars and planes and giving people real alternatives to car travel. In particular, we want to see a shift in policy, away from pricing people off trains and towards making public transport affordable and less overcrowded. This means real investment in increasing capacity on trains, trams and buses, as well as on travel plans for businesses and schools and on local transport schemes like cycling.

Eddington Review Pre-Briefing in full.

T2000’s Focus on walking and cycling

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