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Posted by chdot on December 1, 2006

Edinburgh based transport campaigning organisation TRANSform Scotland has issued an initial response to today’s Eddington Review on transport and the economy.

Paul Tetlaw, Chair of TRANSform Scotland, said “We welcome the main thrust of Eddington’s report, in particular that the transport sector, including aviation, should meet its full external social and environmental costs. Doing this would at a stroke change peoples’ individual transport choices.

“Eddington is right to say that ‘road pricing is an economic no-brainer’. Government must now move speedily to implement this key policy. It’s high time to stop the general whingeing and get on with the job. This may be an economic report but implementation of the key findings will deliver significant health and environmental benefits for all of us – and that’s another no-brainer.”

From London Transport 2000 broadly welcomed the Eddington Review (as outlined yesterday below) but says “Government must act” – and called for “action by the Government to speed up road pricing, fund rail upgrades and schemes promoting walking and cycling, and a rethink of Government aviation policies.”

“We welcome Eddington’s recognition that large-scale road building won’t solve congestion and that road pricing is essential to the economy. The report also brings key support for investment in small schemes such as walking and cycling and in upgrading rail lines through longer platforms and longer trains. Government must act on this: we want to see programmes of spending on such initiatives as safe routes to schools and improved bus and cycle routes. We need to see action on road charging, with a clear package of measures to bring in a national scheme while investing in alternatives. With this, Government must review the roads programme – with road pricing much of what’s planned will be unnecessary or outdated.”

Motorists ‘must pay for road use’ – BBC Story

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