Confronting the Reality of Car Crashes

Posted by chdot on December 8, 2006
An exhibition of photographs designed to shock is currently in Edinburgh.

But it’s not ‘modern art’ intended to upset people by challenging their perceptions. It’s more serious than that.

Paul Wenham-Clarke‘s pictures document people’s lives altered by carnage – the result of events commonly described as ‘accidents’. In addition there are bloody photos of reconstructed car crashes using actors.

The purpose is to highlight the fact that nearly a million people have been killed on the roads in Britain since the first recorded death in 1896. World wide the figure is now more than a million each year. Heathcote Williams, in his book Autogeddon, called it the “Third World War nobody bothered to declare”.

The When Lives Collide Exhibition is open until Sun 17th Dec 2006 at the ESU Gallery Scotland 23 Atholl Crescent Edinburgh EH3 8HQ.

Next year it moves to other UK venues in association with RoadPeace.

The associated book is available as a PDF.

One Response to “Confronting the Reality of Car Crashes”

  1. David said

    In the Scottish Exec Transport Strategy the cost of road accidents in Scotland for 2004 was given as £1.39 billion. (think that’s right)

    Not sure what UK figure is – 10 times more?

    Of course no amount of money can make up for losing someone close.

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