Cycling or Stomach-Stapling?

Posted by chdot on December 13, 2006

Read the popular press headlines and it seems that the second option is more ‘important’. NICE (The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) has today issued the first ever national guideline addressing obesity in adults and children.

As Carlton Reid points out in Bike Biz, cycling is mentioned in the NICE Press Release (see Bike Biz article) several times, but overlooked in the search for sensationalism. As Carlton told cyclingedinburgh, “I fell off my chair when I read the headlines and then the original press release. It’s mass media myopia.”

Once again ‘we’ are badly served by much of the mass media. Cycling is fun, convenient, sensible, good for health, the environment etc. etc., but it seems stomach-stapling is ‘sexier’.

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