What Every School Needs!

Posted by chdot on December 15, 2006


What a great idea! A bike rack with a built-in pump!

This was designed (and has been patented – and won the Dutch Design Awards 2006 prize for public space product) as an art project in Ypenburg (a newly build neighbourhood in the Netherlands). Along with the car shaped bike rack it shows that bicycle related ‘street furniture’ can be fun and functional.

Work in schools by TryCycling (and others) shows that one reason children don’t cycle (enough) is because “I’ve got a puncture”. This usually turns out to be a flat tyre and the bike’s owner has no access to a working pump…

City of Edinburgh Council’s City Development Department is about to put cycle sheds in another three secondary schools. A Heklucht pumpstand would be a useful addition.

Understandably not that cheap – polished version: €1900,00 (£1,273.50), powder coated version: €1715,00 (£1,149.47). However as the Scottish Executive “will invest through Local Authorities, Sustrans and Cycling Scotland, almost £18.9 million on cycling and walking infrastructure, resources and marketing” this year (Encouraging alternatives to ‘school run’), perhaps a few can be purchased as a practical way of encouraging cycling to schools.

If you fancy one (or more) contact Krijn & Jeroen.

2 Responses to “What Every School Needs!”

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