More Free Bikes

Posted by chdot on December 19, 2006

Another train operator is following the longstanding (since 1998) ScotRail policy of carrying bikes on trains for free.

At present ‘one’ is charging £3 for a single journey to take a bike on inter-city trains into London and £1 on local services across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

From January 2nd the charges will be removed. “Reservations are still required on services to London and also encouraged for local journeys.” These are free – as they are for GNER journeys and also required for a few ScotRail routes to the north.

‘one’ says “The combination of bikes and trains is a ‘green’ option for many journeys. So we’re pleased to encourage sustainable transport trips wherever we can. This development, combined with our work to increase cycle parking at many of our stations in recent years, is part of a dedicated effort to make integrated public transport a real alternative for as many journeys as possible in East Anglia.”

Bikes on Trains ‘rules’ from AtoB Magazine.

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