HAPPY New (Cycling) Year

Posted by chdot on January 1, 2007

Braid Hill fireworks
Fireworks over the Braid Hills

2007 will be a great year for Cycling in Edinburgh.

TWO Bicycle Film Festivals (details soon).

LOTS of TryCycling in Edinburgh rides.

And more suggested routes added here (you can add your own).

And many Bike Week events.


Also as it’s election year (May 3rd) there will be new MSPs and new Councillors (as Local Government elections are being run under Proportional Representation for the first time – there will be a LOT of new faces). SO why not send the candidates your cycling suggestions….

10 Responses to “HAPPY New (Cycling) Year”

  1. scruss said

    Happy New Year from St Louis — where it’s still only 9:30.

    Bike resolutions?
    1) I will ride more.
    2) I will convert that 1983 Stumpjumper to be the ultimate commuter.
    3) I will put flat bars on the otherwise unrideable Super Galaxy.

  2. James Coutts said

    Happy New Year Chris! So they did launch the fireworks even though it was so windy? (we saw test flares blown all the way to the shore – looks like they ignored them!!). JC.

  3. Tom Morton said

    Cheers Chris and all the best for 2007.
    Gotta be a Brompton and BikeHod this year. Or a Thorn Raven Tour. Rohloff, roll on spring…

  4. And a Happy New Year to you! Feel free to use whatever you can from your American cousins over here in the City of Big ShouldersBikeWinter initiative:


  5. David said

    Happy New Year Chris – well done for keeping this rolling…

    All the best for 2007!

  6. Jude Luth said

    Happy New Year Chris!!
    Sending warm desert weather to Edinburgh!

  7. Liz said

    Happy January 2nd and Happy New year from Los Angeles where we are freezing our ass off, it’s barely hit 72 degrees, the damn sun is out, and we we look insane in our snow caps and get funny stares for wearing sweaters as well. But take heart, we have the worst air pollution in the U.S.A. So regardless of people cycling around in t-shirts and sun year round, we only do so with limited ability to get a good intake of honest to goodness oxygen. This site is looking great by the way!!!!

    Sincerely Liz

  8. nigel said

    er…. hny to you too chris from grafton nsw

    i have spent 2 weeks in a state of excess with wick inlaws with only respite being my new yellow $70 beach cruiser that santa purchased on ebay and 6km of flat sand at low tide mostly to myself

    my resolution is to relive soem early days by recreating the yellow fixie that served me so well around the streets of tollcross some 15 years ago.

    hope 2007 is everything you need it to be


  9. Andy Salkeld said

    Happy New Year from all at Leicester Cycle-city Workshop

  10. Martino said

    Hope 2007 will a great year for all who ride.

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