Drowned Bike

Posted by chdot on January 18, 2007

drowned bike.jpg
Global Warming? Climate Change? The on-line weather forecast for Edinburgh today was for STRONG winds. The reality is dank calmness with winter showers. It usually rains at this time of year. The Meadows (photo) usually gets waterlogged. The cyclepath is lower than the surrounding land in places so it gets flooded.

So cyclists stray onto the pedestrian path (it’s dangerous cycling to through puddles – especially on uneven, perhaps potholed, surfaces).

A City trying to encourage walking and cycling really should spend more time and money on its off-road infrastructure.

Perhaps the newly created Services for Communities department will make a difference.

One Response to “Drowned Bike”

  1. Dave du Feu said

    Hi – I believe the Council has made it a condition of the massive development on the old Infirmary site that the developers upgrade the entire North Meadow Walk (which will also be linked into the site). When this will happen, I don’t know – maybe not till those links are ready – next year?? – but perhaps the developers could be persuaded to do it sooner if people ask councillors to take up the issue. Dave (Spokes)

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