Half Price Drinks

Posted by chdot on January 18, 2007

Engine shed cafe edinburgh
OK it’s only tea and coffee, OK it’s only Saturdays (until 10th Feb), OK it’s only 10 – 11am – but it is the Engine Shed.

That’s at 19 St Leonard’s Lane – home of great ‘home made’ wholesome food at good prices – try the Brownies. Only downside is that there is still no bike parking (but they are working on it).

Then it’s a short trip to the Innocent Tunnel and the off-road route to Joppa. Unfortunately at the moment entry is not as easy as it’s been in recent years.

One section of the Council has padlocked the gates shut without consulting the sections that deal with Sustainable Transport and the disability access issues. The move is as a result of nearby residents’ problems with vandalism. Though as few of the vandals are likely to coming through the tunnel in motor vehicles this seems a strange reaction. There is also concern about some cyclists speeding through a residential area that has no pavements.

(It’s still possible to cycle through the ‘cycle gap’ – but is causing a ‘rush hour’ bottleneck!)

Next week’s ‘site meeting’ should be interesting!

One Response to “Half Price Drinks”

  1. Emma-Jane said

    Hi Cyclists,

    Just a note to say we are still working on the racks and to invite you all to our summer launch on 22nd June 2007 from 2.30 – 3.45pm.

    Look forward to seeing you then.

    Regards. EJ

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