CTC Solves Pothole Problem

Posted by chdot on January 26, 2007
OK that’s an exaggeration, but it has made reporting problems a (w)hole lot easier!

Once again the internet has produced a useful tool to (quickly) record problems, and make them available to the people who should fix them AND to other people who might have thought about reporting the same thing.

Edinburgh has had the Clarence service for years where potholes, broken lights etc. can be reported by ‘phone or e-mail. The new CTC site ( has the benefit of Google Earth which has a skimpy road map (not many cyclepaths) backed up by a satellite image. The whole of Edinburgh has been covered by a high resolution image since just before Christmas. This has given a big boost to mapping Edinburgh routes on-line.

As CTC Director Kevin Mayne says “Potholes and other road defects are more than just a nuisance; they’re a danger to cyclists. They’re responsible for 12% of compensation claims by CTC members, and local Councils have a duty to fix them. Reporting problems like this can be a chore, but our online facility has made it quick and easy.”

The CTC has also created for off-road routes, though whether having two separate sites is a good idea remains to be seen!

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