Single Speed World Championship Date Announced

Posted by chdot on January 26, 2007


After months of quiet negotiations with a number of landowners, the confirming call to the organisers (the self-styled “The Telly Savalas Players Club”) came today.

SSWC 2007 will be on September 1st & 2nd (Race Day) in Aviemore.

So book your holidays – whether you are planning to race, drink or watch. Unless you have been before, any Single Speed World Championship will be a (fun filled) surprise. The Scottish version even more so!

Keep an eye on the official web site for details.

Aviemore is 3 hours north of Edinburgh by train. Will ScotRail put on extra trains or extra cycle capacity (booking free but essential to Aviemore)?? In keeping with the party spirit, visitors from London (or overseas) might like to start their Highland weekend at London Euston on the Sleeper.

AND THEN – on the 3rd (until the 9th) – there’s the Fort William UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships – only 60 miles away!

Cycling, Scotland, September!

2 Responses to “Single Speed World Championship Date Announced”

  1. SinglespeedLee said

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOO Dammit i cant wait for september 2nd it is gonna Be awesome Bikin’ Boozin’ Haggis and forigin chicks. plus i can look stupid and not get ridiculed for it “wear a Kilt my family has a tartan, might get skidmarks on my seat though.””Note to self buy a brown seat.”

    Lookin Forward to meeting all you singlespeed freakz

    LUV YA… Lee

    I’ll be in the Tee shirt “ONE GEAR BAD IDEA”
    obviously playing on the saying “all the gear no idea”

  2. Wunnspeed said

    Here’s lifting a bier (beer) to…finally having some details. We should be coming from Munchen, Deutschland. Hurray!

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