Road Works Encourage Cycling

Posted by chdot on January 31, 2007

“A GLUT of roadworks across the city is causing misery and frustration for thousands of motorists and bus passengers.” That’s the story in today’s Evening News.

“Drivers today said the level of disruption is as bad as they can remember, adding up to 30 minutes to journeys between home and work.”

“The city council admit there are more major road projects going on at the moment than there have been for many months.”

“And the problems for motorists are likely to worsen in the coming months when the Capital’s huge tram project gets under way.”

Anyone who cycles through the centre of Edinburgh – especially in the evening ‘rush’ hour – knows that bikes are a better option. Unfortunately many people who “would like to cycle to work” are still too nervous. TryCycling in Edinburgh has helped people to feel more confident by taking part in its monthly rides.

Some parts of Edinburgh (particularly the north side) have good traffic free routes. In others it’s possible to find ways along side streets with less traffic (some detailed here).

For cyclists, one problem with ‘road works’ is that the basics aren’t always dealt with. The CTC recently launched its FillThatHole site where you can report potholes etc.

One Response to “Road Works Encourage Cycling”

  1. James Coutts said

    Got the bus to Edi Park today for the first time in a while. Was about 15 mins slower than normal from Shore area. Time to get back on the bike me thinks!

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