Winter Bicycle Film Festival Selling Well

Posted by chdot on February 3, 2007

Feature in today’s Scotsman Magazine.

A good turn out is expected for tomorrow’s two performances, with healthy advance ticket sales. The feature in the Scotsman should add a few people who had forgotten – or had missed all the other publicity. A mention in tomorrow’s Sunday Times Scotland will probably jog more memories.

At 1.00 it’s mad Mountain Biking with Bits 3, CKD (Collectively Krankin’ Up the Disorder) plus Kranked 6: Progression with the addition of a sneak preview for Chas Nairn’s latest.

at 6.00 (in complete contrast) A Day Out – Alan Bennett’s first work for television (Directed by Oscar nominee Stephen Frears). Preceded by Jon Snow Cycles Italy.

On Monday (at 6.30) there’s (We aren’t blocking traffic) We Are Traffic! This is a slower seller (but still pretty healthy). Critical Mass is perhaps not as ‘exciting’ as cycling trickery. It’s a great documentary, showing what it can be like when cyclists take back the streets. Shot in American cities it’s paired with a short from Camcorder Guerilla showing Glasgow’s Critical Mass.

The BFF is aware that CM is controversial and has organised a discussion after the movies.

Details of all films. See all three programmes for only £12/£7.50 concessions. Box Office 0131 228 2688 – 7 days a week Noon – 9.00pm.

One Response to “Winter Bicycle Film Festival Selling Well”

  1. David said

    Enjoyed the debate. Think it would be good to have again. My only worry with CM is when it holds up public transport which (as the commuter challenge showed) is slow at the best of times.

    If routes took in Holyrood Park rat run and other bits of road mainly away from bus corridors then it would maybe be better. Princes St is a strange one though. Bikes have perfect right to be there but in this instance I would be in favour of bike lanes removed from the main bus (and tram) lanes. Once this is done it would of course be difficult to have a bigger CM group as there would then be a recognised path for bikes…

    The park of course does have a bike path in places but not easy to access and often used as a pavement! A CM there might also be noticed by MSPs.

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