Girls Win Christmas Card Cash

Posted by chdot on February 10, 2007

bike it logo jpeg
In 2001 the world’s largest bicycle component manufacturer Shimano decided that instead of sending Christmas cards in Europe it would put the cash into a competition – the Shimano Cycling Concept Award.

The first winner was the Scottish Cycling Development Project (forerunner of Cycling Scotland) in association with Edinburgh’s Sciennes Primary School, then the leading light in Safe Routes to School activities (archived web site).

The latest winner is the “Beauty and the Bike” project which will run at five schools in Exeter. They are taking part in the Sustrans organised Bike It scheme. Exeter is one of the six Cycling Demonstration Towns chosen (and part funded) by Cycling England.

The idea came from Emma Osborne, Sustrans’ Bike It officer for Exeter. One of the judges was cycle trade editor Carlton Reid – read more details on his BikeBiz web site.

Scotland should be belatedly getting its own Demonstration Town(s?) ‘soon’. The intent was announced by Transport Minister Tavish Scott at a conference in November. Local campaigners (quite reasonably) favour Edinburgh, though it may be ‘too big’. One likely candidate is Dumfries which has spent an impressive amount on infrastructure (including several new bridges) and could increase cycle use by ‘soft’ promotional measures.

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