Forestry Commission Bike Rangers Reach England

Posted by chdot on February 12, 2007

The Corstorphine based Forestry Commission already has two bicycle using rangers in the Tweed Valley Area, (you could become a Volunteer Ranger there). Now the FC was introduced the idea to Dalby Forest on the southern slopes of the North York Moors National Park. The new 34-mile network, including extensive single-track mountain bike routes, will be officially unveiled in May.

Ranger Stuart Startup will be responsible for checking trails, supervising maintenance work and providing a link between the public and forest chiefs and engineers. “Getting in the saddle is the best way for me to do this job.”

Edinburgh has a growing number of police officers on bikes – the idea is about to be extended from the city centre to local community beat officers in areas including Craigmillar. Perhaps it’s time the Council had a few to patrol cycle paths and streets to see what cyclists have to deal with daily!

3 Responses to “Forestry Commission Bike Rangers Reach England”

  1. matchstickwarrior said

    I’m quite surprised at the last paragraph. Ok, I’ve only been living in Edinburgh since September (and so I’m sure the weather has played a large part in my observations) but I have never seen cycling police officers in Edinburgh.
    I have seen them in other cities equipped with all kinds of gizmos attached their bikes, including blue lights and sirens. I guess the batteries to keep all this going can get a bit heavy, but then all of the bikes I’ve seen used are quite heavy duty.
    Other than that, I fully agree that if the will is there to put them out on the beat, then there should be more of them with a much more visual presence.

  2. Grant said

    Well, I can safely say that in the last three weeks I’ve passed a pair of cycling policemen on the path between Crewe Toll and Ravelston Dykes – last night being the most recent. It’s nice to see this and I hope that they’re still doing it during the summer months when the local Neds are usually out in force harassing cycle commuters. Mind you, since just before Christmas I’ve come across a police patrol car, police motorcyclists and a council van heading towards me on the path too. It’s a busy off-road route, and not just for cyclists !!

  3. Glorom said

    I’ve been cycling on the path (Craigmillar) every day from August and I like this path a lot. But I have to repair my bike every week, because of my flat fires. Everywhere on the ground is glass and it’s impossible to avoid it. And what’s the worst, the OWNERS OF DOGS! The dogs are running everywhere and their owners don’t care about cyclists at all! I had already two accidents and both of the dogs haven’t been walked on the line. Is it possible walk a dog on a cycle path?!!!!!

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