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Build Your Fantasy Bike

Posted by chdot on February 27, 2007

monster bike flyer
Poster Tim Davies Click for larger PDF.

The Forest Cafe in Bristo Place is offering eight people the chance to build their dream bike. We’re not talking about the ultimate Downhill machine or a super-light carbon fibre road racer. Look at the examples on the left (including this one) and you’ll get the idea!

Tim Davies is currently working in Spain, and has a background in sculpture and community arts projects. He’s been building these bikes “whenever I got the chance”, and will help the lucky participants.

He says – “My approach to building the bikes is always pretty rough and when I started I just cut up all the frames into bits and bolted them back together in the most basic way possible to see what new forms I could give them. Its great fun and really quick just to extend the front forks with a couple of extra pieces of tubing, or put the saddle high up and add an extra set of pedals. Recently I’ve got more into welding frames together because it gives you a lot more freedom to build the shapes you want, though it is a bit tricky to get right.”

If you’re interested, over 18, and available (all day) on April 14th to 18th, then get sketching and send your proposal to Tim before the 25th of March. He’ll let you know by the beginning of April if you are one of the chosen ones! More info from Tim.

The finished products will be displayed in the Forest’s gallery and then will probably appear on the streets, perhaps at a Critical Mass or during Bike Week or (if well enough made to survive until August)) the Evening News Cavalcade.

If you need inspiration have a look at the Tall Bikes that visited Edinburgh last year or some of New York’s finest Black Label Bikes.

Evening News story

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