Start Your Innocent Ride with an Engine Shed Breakfast

Posted by chdot on March 2, 2007

Now open on Saturdays, the Engine Shed is offering vegetarian breakfasts between 10 and 11.30 (open ’til 3.30). The full works, choice of Porridge or Museli, also Spanish tortillas, vegetarian sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and beans! Then, perhaps, organic wholemeal toast with organic jam & honey. Coffee and tea are half price for all five March Saturdays.

Then have a rest.

Then take the Innocent Cyclepath to Joppa, Portobello, Newhailes or other parts of East Lothian (route map/leaflet PDF).

4 Responses to “Start Your Innocent Ride with an Engine Shed Breakfast”

  1. Mike Lewis said

    The Engine Shed is a great place to eat: excellent food, low prices, un-stuffy atmosphere. It’s just the sort of place that would appeal to a health-conscious cyclist, not least because it’s right on NCN 1.

    So why on earth can’t they provide some minimal bike parking? They recently refurbished their car park, which has space for around 16 cars, but there’s not a bike rack in site.

  2. Emma-Jane said

    Hello Mike,

    Just to update we have been measured up (poss. 8 racks) and are awaiting response from Edinburgh Council. I will keep you posted.

    Kind Regards
    Emma-Jane Clerical/Marketing Assistant – The Engine Shed

  3. Emma-Jane said

    Hello Mike & all other cyclists,

    Great news! We’ve finally received notification the cycle racks are to be erected in June.

    If anything changes I will be in touch.

    Kind Regards


  4. Mike Lewis said

    Hi Emma-Jane (and others),

    Well done. This is good news. Thank you for persevering with it.


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