Cycling Advertised on TV

Posted by chdot on March 3, 2007

cycling supplement in Guardian
Today is the start of the Guardian’s “cycling week”. The paper comes with a 100 page A5 guide with a range of articles (including how to fix a puncture, and Jon Snow‘s demand for proper on-road cycle lanes) and 40 ride routes.

This was advertised on TV, which is a rare event. Most ads seem to be for cars – shot in exotic car-free locations. Halfords advertises ‘half-price bikes’ a few times a year, but that’s about it. Cycling Scotland made a nice advert a few years showing a (mostly) car-free cycle commute in Glasgow, though obviously this was only aired in Scotland.

Next week promises commuting guides to various cities including Edinburgh (might be on Tuesday) in the G2 supplement. This will include a piece about the city’s off-road cycle network. Tomorrow’s Observer will include a guide to “the best European cycle routes”.

By contrast the Independent has 8 pages of items it claims to be “the 50 best bicycles and accessories”, but readers may be unconvinced by the selection and descriptions. “The steel pedals even have a resin body and toe clips for extra slick handling.” “NEXT WEEK 50 BEST DRESSES”…….

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