Book Launch at Bicycle Film Festival

Posted by chdot on March 13, 2007

Robert millar book
A new biography of a top racing cyclist by Scottish sports journalist Richard Moore is scheduled for publication in June.

Book signings are being planned in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Islay and a film about Robert Millar at the height of his fame is expected to launch this year’s Bicycle Film Festival.

Millar is regarded as Scotland’s best ever road racer. His televised Tour de France successes inspired many. (That was when the TdeF was on Channel 4 at tea time!)

After finishing his professional racing career he became a team coach, though it was not a job that really suited him. Since then he has ‘disappeared’. Few people know where he lives – “maybe in the south of England”. His last public appearance in Scotland is believed to have been in 1998.

Moore was in a Scottish team coached by Millar so brings insights that other journalists would miss. However even this isn’t enough to shine light into dark corners of this enigmatic former star. “None of anyone’s business” was the straightforward response to one of Richard’s e-mail which attempted to find the truth behind one rumour that is attached to the apparent recluse.

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