Cheap Bike Bits Week at Lidl

Posted by chdot on March 26, 2007

German supermarket chain Lidl is famous for its slightly odd bargain offers. Next week it’s underwear and toys. On Thursday there’ll be items for home decorating, plus sets of NiMH batteries at £1.99 – which might be a bargain.

From today there’s a collection of bike related products including bells at 49p, tools and very cheap helmets.

“Only available while stocks last.”

4 Responses to “Cheap Bike Bits Week at Lidl”

  1. Olli said

    I visited the Drum Street Store on Monday and picked up a Helmet as well as two Panniers.

    The quality is really pretty good:
    The helmet is a good fit and carries a Good rating from the Stiftung Warentest (German equivalent to the Consumers Association).
    The panniers are made of thick material and seem to be well reinforced, the hooks may prove to be a weak point though.

  2. Tom said

    Got the £17 toolkit in Aberdeen – very impressive. Also tempted by the horse blankets and, err…fetlock protectors. But absence of fetlocks precluded purchase.

  3. I got the Ortleib-style waterproof panniers at £9.99 each, and while the panniers are great, the hooks are indeed a weak point. They also have no locking mechanism, so can bounce off when going over potholes.

    One of mine broke on a camping holiday and I had to do a repair with fence wire. However, SJS cycles online sell the superb Ortleib spare rails and hooks, and while at around £30 for a pair this will cost more as the Lidl panniers, it will be a lot cheaper than a £90 set of large Ortleib rollers. I have yet to take the plunge, but I dont see any good reason why the Lidl pannier rails can’t be unscrewed and replaced with the Ortleib ones.

    Alternatively, some bent fence wire pushed through the lidl pannier hook rail while hot makes for good solid (and free) hooks, albeit without a locking mechanism to stop them bouncing off.

  4. Robbie Wishart said

    Came across this a year down the line. I bought two of the Lidl panniers. One of the hooks broke so the suggestions for replacement/repair above are welcome. Maybe the fact that I had about 3 tons of papers, messages and goodness knows what in it at the time didn’t help.

    The style is basic – one big pocket and no small pockets internal or external except a small mesh one ouside which is OK for shoving in stuff which you don’t care if it drops out.

    Also agreed that the lack of a lock is a drawback. They can bounce off particularly of heavy laden. It has only happened to me once so far but I only commute but it is across the Glasgow Expressway cycle way (what a joke; I feel a rant coming on).

    But at about £10 each and quite sturdy I am not complaining. Does fine for me. If I want Ortlieb, I will pay for Ortlieb.

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