Did You Know?

Posted by chdot on March 28, 2007

Cycle Speedway at Redbraes
Photo Tommy Lee.

“The 50’s and 60’s saw Cycle Speedway in Scotland continue to flourish, with as many as 60 teams competing in Edinburgh at one time in the 60’s, the Edinburgh “Festival Weekend” held at Davidson Mains also proved popular with the top riders throughout the U.K and was regarded as one of the premier events in the sport.” (Source)

The track was between Main Street and the railway/cycle path just before Ferry Road – there are houses there now. The only Speedway track left in Edinburgh is in Redbraes Park where Edinburgh Falcons race.

The first meeting of the 2007 season is on Sunday. (April 1st). Why not go to watch, cheer and ask how you can get a shot – the club is always looking for new members!

2 Responses to “Did You Know?”

  1. anth said

    Cycle Speedway is great fun. I went along just to see what it was all about, and ended up riding in a few races! Still I then went and did this so I think my speedway days are over.

    The Falcons guys are a great bunch though and you should definitely get down to Redbraes to check it out!

  2. Fraser said

    Crivvens, I remember some of my mates racing on the D Mains track in the 70s. The combination of freewheel and no brakes always struck me as lethal! Very much in line with the current trend towards singlespeed though, so maybe cycle speed’s time has come… (again)

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