Rail for the Future

Posted by chdot on March 31, 2007

Bedrock bike
Dave Holladay sculpture on A to B Photo Sustrans.

Busy time for railways around Edinburgh. Work to re-open part of the Waverley Route began in Galashiels this week. The ‘new’ line to Edinburgh will re-open in 2011, joining up with the existing ‘CrossRail‘ at Newcraighall.

Also approved this week is the rail re-connection of Aidrie and Bathgate. The former rail line trackbed is currently in use as a key Sustrans cycle route (NR 75). A replacement cyclepath will be provided, though the precise alignment is not decided.

Building a new railway isn’t cheap. By comparison bringing stopping passenger trains back to the South Suburban Loop (through Morningside and Craigmillar) would be a bargain. Today, many passengers are experiencing the scenic delights due to engineering work – but there are no stations to stop off at! CRAG (Capital Rail Action Group) has re-energised its long running campaign with a new web site – Scottish Parliament petition NOW ON-LINE.

Also campaigning on rail is the CTC. “Cycling and rail travel are perfect partners. The combination provides a ‘doorstep-to-destination’ option for longer-distance journeys which might otherwise be possible only by car. It is also a really simple way to set about tackling a whole range of problems all in one go: obesity, air pollution, congestion and climate change to name but a few.” – Jon Snow CTC President. More info – you can easily send a message to your MP (just add your post code).

Still on tracks – Spokes is continuing to try to persuade tie to allow bikes on the trams (when they arrive). This would be a UK first, and certainly, officially, a wish of the Council. It seems that the tram operators are not keen – just like Lothian Buses, which accepts buggies but not Bromptons.

One Response to “Rail for the Future”

  1. Becky said

    >It seems that the tram operators are not keen – just like Lothian Buses, which accepts buggies but not Bromptons.

    Interestingly, it was Dave Holladay who suggested to me that the folding bike ban by Lothian Buses had recently been rescinded. I only took my Dahon on a (single deck) Lothian bus once and didn’t have a problem, but that was a while ago.

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