Should Edinburgh Rethink?

Posted by chdot on April 2, 2007

trondheim bike lift
Photo by Tom Gustavsen.

More than ten years ago when routes were being planned for the National Cycle Route ahead of the Millennium, serious consideration was given to a bike lift. The proposed place was Dublin Street, which as any experienced cyclist knows is hard work and non-cyclists would regard as ‘impossible’. It never happened, partly because of cost and partly because Edinburgh is – well – ‘cautious’.

The inspiration was the one in Trondheim. According to it has assisted “more than 220,000 cyclists” since 1993. “41% of the lift users claim they’re using the bicycle more often” because of it.

At the recent Spokes Election Hustings Councillor Allan Jackson said that the main reason he didn’t cycle has that he lived in Trinity and worked at the City Chambers. So perhaps Dundas Street instead of Dublin Street?

More photos of lift in action.

One Response to “Should Edinburgh Rethink?”

  1. I don’t suppose you have a reference to any of the study that was done on putting a bike lift in, do you? I’m trying to find out a little more to see if we could plan to get one in Bath.

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