Another Day Another Manifesto

Posted by chdot on April 3, 2007

Today it’s the Scottish Greens publishing their manifesto. On cycling they say –

“Cycling is good for people’s physical and mental well-being, saves money and the environment, yet cycling currently only merits 1% of the transport budget. We want cycling funding to quadruple by 2014 to at least 4%. We will link all schools and public centres by networks of green cycling and walking routes by 2017, incorporating parks and nature-rich places, and will continue to support and develop home zones and safer routes to school. We will ensure that all school pupils have cycle training. We will help cyclists to link to public transport by ensuring secure storage facilities. We will ensure environments where walkers and cyclists feel safe, including a high-visibility strategy to promote the safety of vulnerable groups.”

Nothing too controversial there, though having to wait 7 years for 4% of transport spending is either grossly unambitious or merely an acceptance of the difficulty of raising cycling up the ‘political agenda’ fast.

Yesterday it was the Scottish Conservatives, though they don’t seem to mention cycling, which is a shame as Edinburgh Tories are interested in increasing cycling.

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