£160m for Cycle Lanes

Posted by chdot on April 4, 2007

Well not quite. Transport agency SEStran has plans (Evening News story) for new public transport measures involving bus lanes and traffic light priority schemes.

Generally bus lanes are a good thing for bikes – meaning more road space that is not monopolised by car drivers who often seem unable to leave a reasonable space near the kerb for cyclists. Most bus drivers are well behaved (from a cyclist’s point of view). Lothian Bus drivers are usually more careful than those from out of town companies. A mixture of familiarity (there are LOTS more bikes in Edinburgh than most places in Scotland) and training.

SEStran is also responsible for a range of cycle infrastructure projects. It was heavily criticised recently for dealing with an ‘overspend problem’ by taking money, disproportionately, away from cycling.

£100m of the latest proposals is for a bus lane on the bypass. Ironically bikes have been banned for some years. Many cycle campaigners feel that the alternative “Recommended Route” is far from adequate. Perhaps some of the money can be used to address this – and also the A90 corridor (to the Forth Road Bridge) where cycling is prohibited.

RTS Delivery Plan

2 Responses to “£160m for Cycle Lanes”

  1. Just make sure they don’t spend the money on this sort of crap

  2. Lee said

    They could put a few of these in prominent places (like a couple on George St and Princes St) and in areas where there are high concentrations of offices. That would only take a couple of grand out of £160m.

    They’re ‘space-saving’, secure, and look cool too.

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