Work + Shop = Bike Week

Posted by chdot on April 4, 2007

Edinburgh’s only commercial organisation with a Cycle Friendly Employer Award, PriceWaterhouseCooper has teamed up with Biketrax to encourage staff to cycle.

PwC, based in Queen Street, is organising a “Back to Bike Day” for its staff at the beginning of May. This takes the form of a “lunchtime fair showing entry-level bikes, folding bikes, and accessories and clothing relevant to the business commuter cyclist.” Biketrax will be taking examples of bikes suitable for daily commuting – including a Brompton for people who could make good use of a compact folder.

Bike Week is in June but the UK organisers have insurance in place from the first of April for events that encourage cycling. In particular there is the Bike2Work promotion that “encourages car owners to try commuting by bike, especially for journeys of up to five miles in busy urban areas”. As the organisers say “cycling can be faster than any other mode of transport”.

One Response to “Work + Shop = Bike Week”

  1. ol said

    Kudos to PWC for taking a lead. Big organisations like them and some benevolent NHS trusts are showing others that being big doesn’t neccessarily mean being bad. The benifits for the employee are
    obvious (most obvious around the waistline), the employers should note that
    a happier healthier workforce and an incredible PR image are worth their weight in bike chains. I help write a blog for my bikeshop
    that is trying to spread the word about cycling to work. Any feedback/comments are always welcome.

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