Cycling, Edinburgh, 2007

Posted by chdot on April 7, 2007

Cycling in Edinburgh 2007 flyer
Design: Vantage / Laid Back Ligfiets. Photo: Mike Lewis,

On a day like today (warm and sunny if you’re not actually here) it’s not surprising that people are out cycling.

But Edinburgh isn’t just about fair weather cyclists. It’s possible to see people on bikes EVERY day of the year, even the middle of the night.

Why? OK it’s a reasonably affluent city (though in poorer parts, children still have bikes), with lots of students. The Council isn’t bad – though could/should be better. The weather’s OK (honest) – dryer than the west coast, doesn’t get too hot/cold (too often), and it’s fairly flat. There ARE hills, but there are quite large parts where the local area is pretty flat – especially if you can travel east/west rather than north/south. The canal is flat.

Might have a lot to do with the fact that Edinburgh (and the Lothians) has had Spokes for 30 years, and more recently the spin-off TryCycling in Edinburgh – organising rides for the “nervous and novice” and a wide range of promotional activities.

The latest is a flyer (PDF + mini-web site) highlighting a few of the cycling events this year and some year round info. It will be handed out at TCIE events over the summer.

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